Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adventure Time

I saw the basketball game the other night. Then on saturday we went out to lunch and into center city. I've been into Philly tons of times since I live right outside of it, but this was my first college game. Being a transfer student, it was really exciting.  The school spirit totally overtook me.

My friend Margot and I went into a store called Lush. It is all natural and completely organic beauty products and skincare. We each bought a mud mask. Later that night, we put them on and felt our skin felt baby-butt smooth.

We went to Urban Outfitters, which never ceases to amaze me. Then we ventured into Juicy Couture, and I never felt so much like a poor college student. But it has fun style.

I am so happy to finally be here at Temple. I worked really hard just to get through my first semester at community college, and now I feel like it all payed off. I am so blessed to already have such great friends and enjoy all of my classes.

Things are looking up :)